Area of interest and Research

  • Real Time Localization Systems (RTLS)
  • Tracking system (RFId, UWB) for sport and logistic improvement
  • Ultra Wide Band wireless technology
  • MEMS Systems and Inertial Systems
  • Microcontrollers applications (DSP and WSN particularly)
  • Electronic systems
  • Numeric techniques to improve localization (eg. Kalman Filter)
  • Cooperative and non-Cooperative Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • WPAN/WBAN and Wearable Sensors for telemedicine and sports
  • e-Health services


Customers and Projects

  • ASSO – e-health system for patient home assistance 24/24h
  • BioUWB Track – Assessment of biological requirements during sport, monitoring kinematic parameters with MEMS sensors and UWB system
  • UWB Logistics – UWB RTLS system to improve industrial logistic
  • BBS – Safety navigation system based on a low frequency ranging system
  • SEED – System for Emergency Evaluation of Displacement with WSN and extremely high accurate RTLS
  • WiGIM – Developing, implementing and testing an innovative wireless sensor network (WSN) for the 3D superficial monitoring of ground deformations, as landslides and subsidence
  • UCARE – Developing, implementing and testing wearable electrocardiograph and Ultra Wide Band RTLS for healthcare
  • Somain – Tracking system with RFid during yacht refitting
  • ACF Fiorentina – Experimentation of Ultra Wide Band RTLS to improve soccer players performance