SEGA Rally 2 Driver Board Force Feedback GAL Reverse Engineering

SEGA Rally 2 Championship was probably the best rally racing game for arcades in 1998 but a lot of gamers agree that SEGA Rally 2 is still nowadays the best rally cabinet arcade. SEGA Rally 2 was (is) famous for the realism of the Force FeedBack (FFB) steering wheel. The core of the FFB is…

How to connect relay WiFi Board RLY-1601 to other switches

How to connect the WiFi + relay RLY-1601 board to devices already controlled by electrical switches Sometimes it’s necessary to control devices from remote, like the solenoid valve for watering the garden or the garage lights, which are already controlled (on-off) through the classic electrical switches. In this article we’ll see how to connect the RLY-1601 board…

A new product is arising: Industrial converter x2VGA

Industrial converter x2VGA for the replacement of old CRT monitors As the release date of the new video converter x2VGA is getting closer, we would like to illustrate its main features and characteristics in the following article….

Industrial Video Converter x2VGA Replacing APM Protti knitwear machines monitor

Industrial Video Converter x2VGA: replacing of a CRT monitor with a LCD monitor on APM and Protti knitwear machines In the following videos you can see the earliest tests made on x2VGA video converter. The x2VGA video converter used in these videos is the prototype, that means that the ultimate product will have different shape…

WiFi remote gate door opener with RLY-1601

Control your gate or door opener with RLY-1601 remotely Today we will see a simple application for the RLY-1601 board: a door or gate opener that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone, connected to internet, or locally, directly through WiFi….

How works a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Sensor

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FMCW) Basic operating principles and theory In this period, at ACE Innovation, we are working on FMCW Radar for some applications about landslide detection, water level detection in river and, more in general, about distance detection with high resolution. In this post, and others in near future, we want write…

How to build a simple Raspberry Pi Robot

Build a simple Raspberry Pi Robot This is a fun project to build a simple robot using the Raspberry Pi and Adafruit’s awesome robot chassis kit. This robot is one of the simplest robots you can build and uses two DC motors to control a pair of wheels. A swivel caster in the front holds…

Photos of Incredible Christmas Trees

Incredible Christmas Trees Photos Christmas is just around the corner. In addition to loads of Christmas gifts, X-mas music and tons of decorations ‘decking the halls’, worldwide are the beautiful Christmas trees that are displayed proudly everywhere by folks with the Christmas spirit….

Ubisense RTLS Series 7000 Simulator

Real Time Localization Systems RTLS Ubisense RTLS Series 7000 Simulator Anybody who approached the world of Real Time Localization Systems – RTLS or just made a quick online research has surely run into RTLS systems producted by the company Ubisense….

CRT vs LCD for arcade games

Difference between LCD monitors and CRT monitors to play arcade games in native resolution 15 kHz A lot of people ask me why using a CRT monitor or CRT television to play Arcade games instead of a new and powerful OLED or LCD 4K is a must. Why can’t you use a LCD display to…