Color Graphics Adapter and the Brown color in IBM 5153 Color Display

Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) and the Brown color in IBM 5153 Color Display Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) is the first computer display standard. Introduced in 1981 by IBM, CGA was the first color graphic card and the first color display adapter for the IBM PC. In this article we will see how the CGA manage…

Arduino Library Stepper Motor ULN2003

Arduino Library Stepper Motor for ULN2003 controller Library to use an ULN2003 based controller board for stepper motor (like the 28BYJ-48) with Arduino. The use of the Arduino library stepper motor is extremely simple……

Multisite WP-Postratings bug in cookie management

Multisite WP-Postratings plugin bug in cookie management WP-Postratings plugin for WordPress has a bug in cookie management that inhibits to vote posts with same ID in a WordPress Multisite installation. Here, how to fix it….

Video Converter CGA/EGA/VGA is in debugging

Video Converter CGA/EGA/VGA to Scart, S-Video, Composite Video In these pre-Christmas days, I’m back in the eighties where video arcades were populated by an invasion of teenagers with precious coins closed in their hands……

Composite Sync Separator Circuit

Composite Sync Separator Circuit Sometimes it can be useful to obtain separate syncronization video signals from a composite syncronization video signal. How can we do that?…

Types of Memories in Microcontrollers

Types of Memories in Microcontrollers Microcontrollers/Microprocessors are producted, essentially, with three types of memories: Flash memory RAM memory EEPROM memory…

Rudolf Kalman…one of us

University of Florence,  Friday 19th September ’14: Rudolf Emil Kalman was one of use….

DIY Homemade Projector

About 8 years ago my pockets weren’t much full, so I tried to make a homemade projector with low budget and high video quality. After 18 months of night work (in that period I was studying at the University) I built my projector….

Hello Word!

Hello, Word!

Classic first post…