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Health Heart ECG is an Android App that permits to visualize an electrocardiogram (ECG) of at maximum 12 leads.
Health Heart ECG is developed and realized by ACE Innovation to be used with the portable electrocardiograph, presented in the article named “XXX”, through Bluetooth 4 Low Energy.
The application Health Heart ECG connects through Bluetooth 4 Low Energy to the portable electrocardiograph, from which it receives real-time samples of the ECG. The ECG traces are depicted in real-time graphics in a specific section of the App, as it is visible in the screenshots posted below this presentation page.





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Download and Install

The App Health Heart ECG can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store by clicking the button at the beginning of this page or by typing Health Heart ECG on the Play Store directly from your smartphone. The version of the App that is available on the Play Store is the demo one. The demo version is different from the complete one because of the lack of Bluetooth 4 Low Energy connection to the portable electrocardiograph. The ECG loop trace depicted in graphic only demonstrates the efficiency of the App, therefore it does not represent the real ECG trace of the user.






Demo ECG

Demo Mode ECG

Grafico 12 Derivazioni

Standard 12-lead ECG

Further Information

For further details and information please contact us and we will be glad to answer you.
Are you interested about the portable electrocardiograph or about the application code? Write us or comment under the post.