WordPress Plugin WP Custom Data

WordPress Plugin WP Custom Data

That frustation!!! You have found a magnificient theme for WordPress but it has not got the contact section and you are not able to display address information on your website. Again, you have found a good plugin but some necessary field is missing.

With WordPress plugin WP Custom Data you can forget these problems and you can easily use custom fields with any theme or plugin.


WP Custom Data is a WordPress widget which adds custom fields in your WordPress site. The custom fields can be simply usable in every section of your theme or in every plugin.

For example if you want to add your address to the footer but the theme has not got an address field, you can simply install the WP Custom Data, enable the plugin, go in the widget section, add the WP Custom Data in any section (no matter where), write the address in one or more rows and save.

Now WordPress knows your address (it’s saved in database) and you can use this fields wherever you want.

Do you want to use the fields in the footer (footer.php)?

Open footer.php and write the PHP code

then, to display the address (the custom fields), use

where X is the number of the row in the WP Custom Data where you have written the address.

How to Install

As every plugin for WordPress, the installation is very easy:

  1. Upload the entire ‘wp-custom-data’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use WP Custom Data in the Widget section

More simply? Install WP Custom Data from Plugin -> Add Plugins of your Admin area

How to Use

  1. Add the widget in any section (e.g. Default Sidebar)
  2. Write your data in the rows
  3. To display your data, use the PHP code:
  4. where X is the number of the row you want to display


WP Custom Data was developed and produced by ACE Innovation.

Comment this post for help or use the Support forum in WordPress website.


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