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Tiny board with Relay and WiFi for IoT Applications

IoT Board with Relay and WiFi to control remotely your devices Description Thanks to the RLY-1601 board, you can easily and quickly enter into the world of Internet of Things (IoT). The board RLY-1601 has tiny dimensions (36x50x15mm included antenna), it is equipped with the famous WiFi module ESP-12 (SoC ESP8266 inside) and with a…

Datasheet ESP-12E

RLY-1601 board firmware v1.11

Developer Manual API RLY-1601

WiFi remote gate door opener with RLY-1601

Control your gate or door opener with RLY-1601 remotely Today we will see a simple application for the RLY-1601 board: a door or gate opener that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone, connected to internet, or locally, directly through WiFi….