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A new product is arising: Industrial converter x2VGA

Industrial converter x2VGA for the replacement of old CRT monitors As the release date of the new video converter x2VGA is getting closer, we would like to illustrate its main features and characteristics in the following article….

Industrial Video Converter x2VGA Replacing APM Protti knitwear machines monitor

Industrial Video Converter x2VGA: replacing of a CRT monitor with a LCD monitor on APM and Protti knitwear machines In the following videos you can see the earliest tests made on x2VGA video converter. The x2VGA video converter used in these videos is the prototype, that means that the ultimate product will have different shape…

Composite Sync Separator Circuit

Composite Sync Separator Circuit Sometimes it can be useful to obtain separate syncronization video signals from a composite syncronization video signal. How can we¬†do that?…

DIY Homemade Projector

About 8 years ago my pockets weren’t much full, so I tried to make a homemade projector with low budget and high video quality. After 18 months of night work (in that period I was studying at the University) I built my projector….