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Electronics Components Inventory

Electronics Components Inventory



sum-iconElectronics Components Inventory (ECI) is an Open Source software to manage electronics components in warehouse. ECI allows you to real-time monitor every electronic component and/or any other product which is present in the warehouse, to verify the availability of any single element, to check the purchase prices and the leftover stock. Besides, ECI permits to link every component with its own invoice and document (handbook, datasheet, etc.). Despite ECI has been designed for the management of electronic components’ storehouse, its flexibility makes it utilizable with other kind of products too, with no modification or with little customization.


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Electronics Components Inventory (ECI) is Open Source. Students and makers, with no commercial purpose, can use ECI freely¬† and “as is“. Companies and professionals can use ECI buying a commercial license.



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More Information can be found in dedicated Electronics Components Inventory website.