A new product is arising: Industrial converter x2VGA

Industrial converter x2VGA for the replacement of old CRT monitors

As the release date of the new video converter x2VGA is getting closer, we would like to illustrate its main features and characteristics in the following article.

What’s x2VGA?

x2VGA is a video converter which allows to transform any digital signal (TTL) into a VGA signal, which is compatible with any latest generation LCD or CRT monitor. This converter accepts the following video formats:

  • monochromatic (MDA);
  • Hercules;
  • Color Graphic Adapter (CGA);
  • Enhanced Graphic Adapter (EGA) in both 200 and 350 lines mode (15 kHz and 21 kHz).

Anyhow, it accepts any digital video signal which has a horizontal frequency between 12.5 kHz and 50 kHz and a vertical frequency between 30 Hz and 70 Hz. The “x” in x2VGA means in fact that it accepts any digital TTL signal, despite its format or frequency.

Which are the differences between x2VGA and CEV2TV?

CEV2TV does not convert input signals into VGA, it only converts them into composite video, S-Video and/or SCART throught the use of the best and most famous RGB encoder, Sony CXA2075. Besides, the conversion can be realized only if there is an input VGA, CGA or EGA signal, with a horizontal frequency of about 15,6 kHz.

Even if CEV2TV is used for the replacement of old CRT monitor as well, its main function is to reproduce old formats on a cathode ray tube TV without adulterating the quality of the video.
The classic use of CEV2TV is inside MAME arcade cabinets, where the video has to be transmitted from a PC with a 15 kHz VGA board to a RGB cathode ray tube TV. CEV2TV is also used to show a video generated by JAMMA board, CGA or EGA boards on a high quality TV (to play old DOS games, for example).

On the contrary, x2VGA has been realized to allow the replacement of old CRT monitors with modern LCD monitors on industrial machines of any brand or typology. x2VGA converts any digital format to VGA. It is equipped with OSD (On-Screen-Display) through which the user can calibrate any element of the screen (i.e. zoom, clock parameters, etc…).


x2VGA features

  • it accepts both monochromatic (MDA/Hercules/Others) and colour (CGA/EGA/Others) TTL input digital signals;
  • horizontal frequency accepted: from 12,5 to 50 kHz;
  • Vertical frequency accepted: from 30 to 70 Hz;
  • Output VGA video signal at 800x600px with 72 Hz refresh rate;
  • Automatic recognition of input video format (MDA, CGA, EGA);
  • Real-time view of horizontal and vertical frequencies through OSD;
  • Customization of all video parameters through OSD;
  • Automatic switching off in case of absence of input video

x2VGA (protoipo)


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